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CPR Classes, Training, Courses and CPR Renewal
CPR Certification in NJ, NY and PA
Get CPR Certified: Find local training and take CPR classes New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
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CPR Certification in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania

What is CPR Certification?

CPR is a set of techniques for maintaining basic life functions if someone has a serious medical emergency. The certification is simply a way of verifying that you have completed the training and that you demonstrated the ability to perform the procedure.

What should a nanny be CPR Certified?

If you're a nanny working in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, you should definitely plan to get CPR certification. Though these states do not require CPR certification for nannies, because of liability and competition in the work force, there is every reason to make this simple investment.

CPR Classes, CPR Training and CPR Courses

So how do you get started with your CPR certification? Certifying agencies are not hard to find. The best place to start is with the American Red Cross. An easy CPR Class Locator Tool is available online and there are lots of Red Cross chapters in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The best thing is that many of these certifying agencies even offer courses specifically tailored for nannies or child care workers. Make sure that the course you choose does include CPR certification. The cost is typically less than $50.

CPR Local and CPR Online Training Courses

Some communities do offer free courses and the best way to find these is by searching for CPR certification and your city. You could also consider taking an cpr online training classes, but these may not include full certification.

You can expect the class to last 3-4 hours and be a very low-pressure environment. At the end of your time you will take a brief knowledge test and a practical test. If you have stayed alert and listened during the training period, these tests should not even pose a challenge.

CPR Certification Renewal

Your CPR certification training will only last for two years so stay current with your training. CPR certification renewal is much easier than the initial training and it is a helpful knowledge refresher anyway. The most important thing about CPR certification in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania is to let your clients know. Once you've done the work to reach this milestone, it offers you greater opportunities and better pay. Be sure to mention your certification at any interview. You could even consider getting first aid certification as well. And if you are already working as a nanny, be sure to ask your clients if they would be willing to help you pay for the training. It's an investment in you, but it's also an investment in the care of their child!

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